Things to Come (What to expect)

Greetings fellow HR peeps!

It has been quite a few months since I last wrote a blog. It is not for lack of inspiration, but rather the reality of balancing a full time work schedule and volunteer work along with finding time to write was more difficult than I had expected. But I have returned and with more experience to boot! So let’s do this thing.

Recently one of my HR buddies ( approached me to write a guest blog post (I will post the link when it’s up!) about my internship experience. As I mentioned in my first post, I was hired into my first paying HR job after being an unpaid intern. Since that time I have pushed the importance of networking and internships to college students. Without those two things, who knows how long I would have been searching for a job!

In the weeks to come, I plan on writing about the importance of internships, speaking from the point of view of a former intern AND someone who has hired interns. As I have stayed in the Staffing area of HR, I am sure I will have some staffing related posts pop up as well. If there are any topics you would like to hear my thoughts on, please leave them in the comments below!


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